A person writing code in front of a robot

Here’s the code necessary to run a super-human AI from the year 2124

Programming isn’t hard. I’m sharing the code necessary to run a future super-human AI from 2124. While you’re at it, why not appreciate layers of abstraction?

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Simplistic painter painting a colourful scenery

The two-faced value of art – why AI will never beat humans

As an AI Engineer, I absolutely love how far Generative AI has come; how incredibly beautiful some artworks purely generated by AI can be. However, I will take a stance against AI in favour of the art community.

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A feminine robot thinking about creative things

Ethical concerns of AI as a content creator

What happens if we allow generative AI to completely transform our means of content creation? We are currently experiencing this multi-faceted dilemma. How do we act responsibly?

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A llama popping out of a computer screen

How to easily setup your own private ‘ChatGPT’

ChatGPT is great, except for when it isn’t. In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to use Ollama together with a Web UI to mimic ChatGPT, but running locally, offline and completely privately.

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The surprising effects of blogging

Writing a blog has added a new perspective to my thinking. Writing should not be underestimated. Do you know how writing can help you personally? Read more about my history of blogging and learn how it can help you too.

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A boy playing with toy cars with his parents' legs visible

Why I was scared of growing up

I don’t remember a lot of my early childhood. One thing that did stick with me was my fear of growing up. I never saw my parents play with toy cars or video games. “Why can adults no longer have fun?”, I thought. Little did I know…

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A kid in a dichotomy between sunny and rainy weather, looking towards the sun

How I was able to control the weather

As a kid, I had a superpower: I could control the weather with my mood. Whenever I was feeling down, the weather would be dreary. But when I was happy, the sun was shining brightly. How did I figure this out?

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